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About homePORT

homePORT is an innovation platform and tech enabler for the port of the future - we build bridges between the world of tech and the world of ports through networking, knowledge transfer and curation.

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    About homePORT

    Our Vision

    Together with strong partners from research, industry and politics, we are creating a "driving force of maritime innovation" with homePORT and thus making an important contribution to the various transformation measures of the port industry.

    Our Mission

    homePORT ist Innovationsplattform und Tech-Enabler für den Hafen der Zukunft – Wir schlagen Brücken zwischen Tech-Welt und Hafenwelt durch Vernetzung, Wissenstransfer und Kuration.

    • For port companies: Access to application-relevant technologies, trends and knowledge
    • For technology companies: Access to potential customers and development partners
    • For research: access to test sites and research questions from the port industry
    Our services

    The homePORT activities are divided into "Tech Curator" and "Innovation Community"

    Tech Curator

    Under Tech Curator we bundle all services that contribute to learning about, developing, testing and presenting technological innovations in a maritime context and can be purchased:

    • 1

      EXPLORE: Explore new technologies and methods, learn how to use them and put them directly into practice in your organisation with the help of our two formats Business Hack and smartDive.

    • 2

      CONNECT: Get to know the homePORT community personally and make valuable contacts, familiarise yourself with technological innovations in the maritime world and receive exciting new impulses at our annual deep-tech festival HOMECOMING HOMEPORT.

    • 3

      TEST & SHOW: Put your prototypes through rigorous testing as part of test campaigns in the port or present market-ready solutions and products to an interested audience.

    Innovation Community

    Innovation Community bundles all activities that deal with the development and internationalization of the homePORT community as well as specific innovation projects from and within the community:

    • 1

      homePORT Community Development: we develop and test new formats that provide value for the community and allow it to grow.

    • 2

      Internationalization: we connect and collaborate with innovation hubs from other ports around the world in the exclusive Port Innovators Network (PIN) and enable mutual access to knowledge, contacts and solutions across continents.

    • 3

      Innovation projects: we provide an insight into funded and privately financed initiatives, projects and products that have been created through the collaboration of the homePORT community and offer them a stage.

    Stefanie Teichmann

    Product & Operations Manager homePORT

    The importance of homePORT for the maritime scene

    homePORT builds the bridge between tech and the port and is a driving force for maritime innovation. Together with partners from research, industry and politics, we're making an important contribution to supporting the various transformation efforts of the port industry and together shaping the port of the future."

    Projects & Products


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    Port Innovators Network

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