Partnership concluded with Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp

Collaboration with 3D printing joint initiative

homePORT agrees partnership with Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp

The time has come: Finally we can announce the partnership and membership with an exciting player in maritime additive manufacturing. homePORT as part of the Hamburg Port Authority and the joint initiative of Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp have signed a partnership agreement. This brings us one step closer to the goal of integrating 3D printing into the maritime industry.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has the largest maritime service network in the world and offers a broad portfolio of maritime products and services for all conceivable ship types worldwide. thyssenkrupp (tk) is a provider of additive manufacturing solutions and services and has a joint engineering, procurement, manufacturing and service business. The joint initiative itself brings together thyssenkrupp's extensive expertise in additive manufacturing (AM) with Wilhelmsen's long-standing know-how in maritime services.

The goal of the collaboration between homePORT, WSS and tk is to jointly develop the market for additive manufacturing solutions in Hamburg by activating a local ecosystem of 3D printing manufacturing companies and service providers, maritime companies (i.e. shipping companies, shipyards, etc.) and other parties. In this process, each partner brings individual capabilities that will perfectly complement and converge at homePORT in a future on-demand ecosystem. This is how we want to bring end users and parts producers together in the best possible way. "Of course, this means we can also welcome the joint initiative WSS and tk as new partners in the homePORT network," says Marius Eschen, Product Lead New Business and Partnership at HPA and responsible for homePORT.

"We are very excited about this partnership, enabling the local ecosystem in the wider Hamburg region to benefit from distributed on-demand manufacturing – solving key spare parts issues in the maritime industry," says Håkon Ellekjaer, Head of Additive Manufacturing, WSS and tk partnership. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation and are excited about how we can shape the maritime industry of the future through this cooperation. Already at the beginning of December 2021, we hosted an event with Wilhelmsen, among others, on the current state and future of 3D printing in the industry. Read more about it via the following link.

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