ITS anchor project Green4TransPORT: Traffic flow improvement through innovative technology!

The ITS anchor project Green4TransPORT is testing an innovative technology to improve traffic flow.

The Green4TransPORT project aims to make the best possible use of road transport infrastructure, to network it and to digitize it. For this purpose, the project works with the innovative two-way communication system V2X. This connects vehicles with the traffic infrastructure, in this case the traffic lights. The core of the system is a dynamic traffic light green phase extension. The aim is to enable vehicles to experience the so-called “green wave”, which in turn has a positive effect on fuel consumption and emissions.

Do you want to participate and support the project?

The new technology is currently being tested in the area of the Kattwyk Bridge in the Port of Hamburg. Do you have a fleet of trucks that regularly drives through the port? Then become part of the test group and send us an email to:

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